Functional materials

  • Amorphous calcium phosphate,is a milk-derived product .Casein phosphopeptides (CPP) from the major protein of milk have the ability to stabilize calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions as water soluble amorphous complexes that provide bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions
  • Oligosaccharides are a complex mixture of approximately 130 compounds present in human milk. It has been shown that human milk oligosaccharides induce an increase in the number of bifidobacteria of colonic flora in breast-fed infants, accompanied with a significant reduction in the number of pathogenic potential bacteria, due to their bifidogenic activity.
  • There are 5 different nucleotides, and each is comprised of a base, a sugar and a phosphate group. The 5 nucleotides fall into two groups; Pyrimidines (Cytidine ‘C’, Thymidine ‘T’, Uridine ‘U’), and Purines (Guanosine ‘G’, Adenosine ‘A’).
    We could offer series of 5’-nucleotides, and pre-mix according to your formula.
  • Nutritional Benefits:
    Weight Management ---Low calorie content,Low glycemic response
    Digestive Health---High dietary fiber content, prebiotic properties, Help maintain digestive health and promotes regularity
    Tolerance---very well tolerated

    Origin: China
  • Benefits of Rice Protein
    Ease of digestibility
    Completely natural protein among all cereal grains
    Well-balanced amino acid profile
    Gluten and lactose-free
    High biological value

    Origin: China
  • Major Benefits
    Highest natural sweetness level
    Flavor enhancement
    Slow release energy
    Non-insulin dependent
    Lowest glycaemic index(GI) among natural sweeteners
    Makes non-caloric sweeteners sweeter& more palatable

    Origin: China
  • Facts about Erythritol

    • Zero calorie
    • Sugar-like taste and mouthfeel
    • Ability to mask unpleasant tastes
    • Superior digestive tolerance
    • Safe for people with diabetes
    • Does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels
    • Does not cause tooth decay

    Origin : China
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